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Orchard Tours Available this Fall! 

     Orchard tours/ field trips are now available to be scheduled from Labor Day until end of October.

      School tours,[public, private, or home school groups] – recommended for kindergarten through 5th grade.

Caledonia School Field Trip from Decades ago!
Meet Adi Chidester our Orchard Tour Specialist

     Adriana (Adi) Chidester is our School tour specialist.  Adi has been a friend of the orchard since 2013 . She loves to participate with many of our special projects. She is a natural teacher with knowledge of our animals, apples, and our Orchard.  


   Available Time slots- morning, or afternoon .

Costs- 4.00 per child , teachers, and chaperones free. Min. $40.00

Will receive cider, apples, activity sheets for each child.

    What to expect: Guided tour of the apple trees, and animals. Each child may pick an apple. Large groups may be divided into 2 groups with ½ going to the animals first and ½ going to the trees first.

   There are picnic tables or the pavilion available for lunches or snacks. Access to the maze, yard games and story stroll will also be available after the tour, as time allows. We will have port-a-potty available. Water and refrigerator are available in the pavilion.


** If your group wants to pick more apples, please arrange with the Market staff and you will be charged accordingly after the tour.**

    What we expect from your group: 

    The teacher should call Vickie at 740-389-5867. Be prepared to request 2 options for dates that your group could come. We will take the information and get back to you after clearing it with the calendars. Payment should be made in the market when you first arrive.

     We will need to know what age group, and how many children will be expected to attend as well as how many adults. We will want to know what time you plan to arrive and depart, as well as any special accommodation necessary for your group including if you are coming by bus or car.

      If you plan to use the pavilion for teaching, or eating, we would like all tables to be cleaned up and wiped off. Paper towels and water are available in the pavilion. All trash should be placed in trash cans. Tables and chairs do not need to be put away.

      Should we have rain on the date of your scheduled field trip, please have the contact person call and let us know if you are coming, cancelling, or would like to reschedule (if we can).