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Our farm market is only open seasonally from

 June until Chrismas.

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at 740-389-3019.

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Lawrence Orchards is a family-run orchard and farm market located less than 2 miles south of Marion, Ohio. We specialize in apples, growing 26 different varieties in season. We also grow an assortment of summer vegetables, other tree fruits, pumpkins, squash, Indian corn, gourds, horseradish, and Christmas trees.

God is truly gracious!
  A Letter from George and Vickie Lawrence, Orchard owners.
    On Jan. 21, 2015, Vickie and I were heading out to visit in-laws. It was a gray day but very nondescript. We were about 4 miles from the orchard when we stopped at a 4 way stop intersection. Nothing out of the ordinary, we stopped and then pulled forward into the intersection. Suddenly we were hit by a car blowing through the opposite stop sign. People talk about how time often moves extremely slow when accidents occur and this was no different. Not even understanding what had hit us, we found ourselves spinning a full 630 degrees with airbags exploding and metal and plastic flying everywhere. When we came to rest, I immediately looked over to my wife who was scrunched between her door and the now encrouching dash and asked if she was alright. Unbelievably she had only a cut on a finger, a badly bruised hand, and assorted bumps and bruises. I received a sprained knee and ankle but no major injuries. The girl in the car was transported to the hospital but with minor injuries as well. It appears she had been talking on a cell phone and never saw the intersection and never even applied the brakes. Once out of our car and surveying the carnage that once had been our Honda Civic I immediately knew that God had placed His loving hand of protection on us. A millisecond later and the other car would have hit directly on my wife's door and would have totally obliterated the passenger side of our car.
    I relate all this to make two points. First, driving is a privilege and to compromise others by using cell phones or other distractions should never happen. Secondly, and this is so much more important, God is in control! We may be thinking we are in control of our lives as we drive through life. But when we least expect it we are confronted with the fact that God is in control. Understanding that fact means we should do all things to His glory and never our own. His grace was sufficient to not only save our lives in a car accident but also to pay the price for my sins and save my soul for all eternity. My prayer today is that this feeling of gratitude will always be foremost on my mind. "For you have been bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body." 1 Cor 6:20.
Changes coming to the Orchard!
    During this winter season of 2015 we will be bringng some fun and productive changes to the Orchard. Again this year we will be removing about 2 acres of older unproductive apple trees. While we have the bullldozer working we will be creating a small pond adjacent to our Cider House Pavilion. This will not only provide easy irrigation for new peach plantings but should be an enhancement for picnics and parties that rent our facility.
    We got an early start on our tree pruning this season, so hopefully all trees should be pruned and ready for a bountiful crop in 2015. New plantings of horseradish and assorted small fruits should round out our offseason changes.
Taking Reservations Now for our 
Cider House Pavilion
    It's time to be scheduling your spring and summer parties for our Cider House Pavilion. It's the perfect venue for graduation parties and family reunions. Check us out here.
    Call us at 740-389-3019 for reservations.

Our farm market is open from June until Christmas. Customers can sample our products as well as pick their own apples in season. We also offer lots of farm-made products such as jams and jellies, syrups, candies, and other goodies. We produce unpasteurized fresh apple cider in our cider mill which is available from September through Christmas. Fruit baskets are another specialty of our farm market. We host several special events highlighted by Applefest in late September.

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